Issey Miyake Show at Paris Fashion Week.

During Paris Fashion Week we had a film crew filming a documentary about Bloody Gray PR and following us round the catwalk shows, the exhibition, after parties and very very drunk moments. The film shows the contrast between the experience of putting a collection together for fashion as an emerging designer with a top designer. We were invited to many of the main fashion shows in Paris included the Issey Miyake show. The documentary also interviewed us after the shows and followed us around Paris all day, and all night. I felt like I was in ‘The Hills’ and ‘The City’.

As most remeber, there was a huge heatwave in the beginning of October. Well, it was 10x hotter in Paris especially in a packed tent (which looked like an arena, it was so big). They kindly gave us posh fashion fans to keep us cool whilst we enjoyed a light show and a catwalk experience. The collection was fantastic with the best multi-coloured, alien looking hair styling. It felt very futurist and sci-fi inspired with patterned cut-out leggings with flashes of bold colour juxtaposed with soft, pastel, floaty dresses. It wasn’t a jaw-dropping, show stopping collection but I admired it a lot.


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