Dear New York…

By accident, I’ve come across this film after a more thorough nosy around, but it’s brilliance has led me to write about it and hopefully introduce others to this piece of excellence.

Director and artist, Luis Urculo has recently collaborated with Zara to produce a one off film in celebration of their newest flagship store on Fifth Avenue, New York. Dear New York is film of objects and art, portraying the buzzing lifestyle of the city which never sleeps.

Urculo’s organic composition consists of various household objects, neatly lined up and placed in an order which conveys the cityscape of New York. With gentle movements and soft shadows cast on the wall behind, there is a sense of peacefulness as the day slowly gets busier and the bustling life of the city awakens. The diverse selection of objects consists of unexpected items such as piles of towels, stacks of books, boom-boxes and speakers making up a lineup of sky scrappers. Numerous of times measuring tapes, grid papers and rulers are shown reflecting the size and dimensions of the city itself.

 Urculo’s unordinary eye for architecture is diverse. A subtle moving arm acting as the East River Bridge brings human life into this exceptional world whilst paragraphs of text on pages from a book shape up buildings of different sizes. His manipulated approach to the buzzing city is cleaver and humorous, detailing parts of New York we never noticed before.  To watch the film, follow the address to the Zara website:


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