What’s in a name?

Is it safe to say that we are all getting obsessed with designer labels? Whether we can afford it or not we all like to have at least one tiny little keyring with the shiny, mirrored Chanel ‘C’s on the front. What is it about that glistening logo that makes us want to take out our purses and splurge on a name? Yes, it is just a name. We all like to convince ourselves that ‘we want the best quality product’ and ‘the detail on this purse is one of a kind’ but really it is just a name. Whether it’s Miu Miu or Chanel, Chloe or Mulberry, we splash out and suddenly think we are The Olsen twins, radiating wealth with our designer bag wherever we go. But really if everyones doing it, is it really that convincing?

I tend to be unconvinced by the youths that walk down the high street with a bag plastered inside and out, up the handle and around the bottom with the Louis Vuitton logo. Somehow, I don’t think all these teenagers have suddenly beaten Europe’s recession and are now earning enough to casually spend  £1000 on a bag to go shopping in Newlook with. So whats the point? Are we all trying to portray this fake social status by spending a ridiculous amount of money, just so hopefully we can portray someone in thinking we are richer than we really are? There is no harm in wanting to spend a good amount of money on an attractive bag which is of a high quality. But is a black, plain leather bag with the name ‘Chanel’ on the front really that amazingly attractive? The majority of us hear the word designer and think ‘unaffordable’, however not all designer brands are. What about the emerging designers? The small ones who haven’t enough money to smoother every billboard in London with a giant sized picture of their product. Do people even know they exist?

The true customers of the designer products that really do want to treat themselves on exclusivity and rarity are more likely to get a one-of-a-kind piece by going to an emerging designer. But who can be bothered to research these designers when you know perfectly well you can walk in to Selfridges and have a choice of hundreds. Luxury, emerging fashion designer, Lisa Good, has been establishing her accessory brand LC-DB for two years. She religiously works with high quality leathers from python to fish skin and is commended for her creative style of design and detail. It is always difficult to establish yourself as a designer in the fashion industry as people are blind to the smaller brands.

It is a fact that these bigger named brands price their products extremely higher than an emerging designer, and its increasing. If this continues isn’t it worthwhile to start looking into smaller brands such as LC-DB to get equivalent quality at a much cheaper price? As fashion aware women, should we not be supporting these designers and excited to see new shapes and styles rather than plain, square repeated shoulder bags which…wait for it, has just come in the new colour, beige! Wow, exciting?

ASOS marketplace is a great place to find new designer brands who are just starting off, just like Urban Outfitters and Topshop who specialize on stocking new designer talent. However, if you are looking for some exclusive rare pieces from a more ‘mature’ yet accessible store, have a look on www.carnetdemode.com, showcasing new designer talent world wide. If you look now they have a cracking sale on! If you don’t mind spending that extra penny on a tad more luxury, then look at www.ln-cc.com where it stocks not only the emerging designers but also our old favorite established ones, just in case its too soon to go to the other side.

To see this article in full, it has been published in issue 1 of Giest Magazine, launched on 31st May 2012.


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