I’ve only JUST seen ballgowns!

Ok, so I may be a little late on the bandwagon and yes, I am probably the only person who is yet to see V&A’s Ballgown exhibition but I managed to squeeze it in yesterday!!!

Unfortunately no photography was allowed so I can’t bombard you with photos like the post before however it is another must see. The one thing I would say, if this doesn’t sound too ironic, is that there is probably one too many ballgowns. Although each were unique in their own ways due to their history and their owner, the exhibition began to become repetitive on the fifth collection of more ballgowns.

I would have loved to learn more about the pieces, but we were settled at just the designer’s name, date and fabric. If we were lucky we could find out who once owned it. Film was thrown in as another visual element half way through the exhibition of old clips from fashion shows in the early 1990s. The narrator spoke in his clear British accent ‘See this beautiful looking stool at £12,000. If the wife wants one, take her to the pictures instead’.

The display in the top half of the exhibition was dazzling. Projections of stunning gowns plastered the large indented ceilings with plenty of open space. Each cluster of ballgowns included around 6 different garments, at least one on a rotating mannequin. The whole exhibition was a mixture of old and new but it is clear our taste hasn’t changed since 1950.

Elizabeth Emanuel for Elizabeth Hurley, 1999. Worn in Estee Lauder Pleasures campaign. Silk. Shown at the V&A.

Ballgowns. British Glamour since 1950 19 May 2012 – 6 January 2013.

‘The invitation said “dress bewitchingly”…’

Anne Heseltine


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