Safe but stylish during the Olympics!

Please excuse my most cheesiest blog title yet!! But after I was stopped by a policeman the other day outside the tube station I was warned that my beautiful Accessoirze tan leather satchel was a pick-pockerters dream. As he proceeded to show me how useless the front pocket cover actually is and yes, can be easily broken into, I realised that my daily satchel and I may have to part for a little while…at least during the Olympics.

This distressing experience has however made me think long and hard about what I can temporarily replace it with without the use of padlocks and duck tape. So after some thorough research I have come up with some ‘safe but stylish’ bags for anyone travelling around London for the you-know-what.

1. Mini old school satchel, Urban Outfitters £38.00, 2. Turner Gym Bag, All Saints £225.00, 3. Heart lock cross body bag, Topshop £25.00, 4. Bowling bag with metallic ornament on handles, Zara £49.99, 5. Canvas Panel Holdall, Topshop £38.00, 6. Bryn bag in petrol Grainy print leather, Mulberry £695.00.

Always aim for a bag which has a zip close to the handle so you have quick control if some sneaky hands come for your belogings. Or opt for a bag which has pockets and clasps which lock in your pieces – make sure they look as tricky and confusing as possible so no one will even want to attempt to break into your safe, combination-lock looking bag.

Do not go for the following:

No matter how much you like bulldogs or how you want the bulldog to look patriotic, never go for an open bag like this. You have no control and you have better things to do with your day then having one eye on the opening incase someone shoves their arm down there. Plus, there are nicer bags out there to choose from (see above).

For all the cool kids who love a printed rucksack I’m afraid its bad news. You could probably get broken into without even feeling it with a bag like this. This actually did happen to me when I was 12 with my massive school rucksack (not as pretty as this one!) when some guys pinched my purse out and I only realised when I saw them running away with it. Not to worry though, I ran after them and snatched it back! So this bag is just fine if your happy to run after your pick-pocketer 🙂

I hope my wise advice and anecdotes have helped you second think before you plan to accessorise your Olympic outfit.


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4 Responses to Safe but stylish during the Olympics!

  1. sylvia says:

    not cheesy but ‘on trend’! Cant wait for you to discover more……

  2. rosie says:

    Ah man, best leave my rucksack at home then…but I do want to invest in one of those bowling styled bags. Love the Blog x

  3. AJ says:

    Yes thanks for your advice I will change my bag!!!!

  4. yvonne says:

    Love them all anyway but what a good excuse to buy another ! I learnt my lesson when I caught and slapped a hand in my unzipped bag .

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