Quality time at Pashley Manor…

This afternoon my Dad and I ventured to the gardens of Pashley Manor in Sussex. Although I’ve lived in the area all my life I have never heard or been here so I was intrigued when the suggestion arose.

Pashley Manor is a beautiful 1550 Grade 1 listed building with acres of land surrounding, which has been transformed into statue-decorated gardens open to the public. Everywhere you look there is a sculpture or statue in your eye-sight whether its a wooden foxes head built into a tree or a haunting child sitting cross-legged next to a river. Deserted croquet lawns and quiet pathways which webbed the gardens seemed full of colour and energy on this grey day due to the bright flowers and spirited statues. There was also the help of some ‘aggressive’ black swans and lively ducks which reminded me of the ending of The Secret Garden.

What could be better? A day surrounded with stunning flowers and art, great day out!


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