Cocktails at The Goring Hotel….just like Kate Middleton!

So on Monday for my lovely Mum’s birthday we headed up to the city and experienced the good life at The Goring Hotel, aka where Kate Middleton and co spent the night prior to the Royal Wedding. Everything about this place oozed character from the wallpaper to the fake life-like sheep sleeping in front of the fireplace. It is all perfectly british and the treatment is first-class.

We enjoyed a couple of rounds of delicious cocktails including cosmopolitans, margaritas and gin martinis and soaked up the ambience. We all were eyeing up the different tables thinking ‘is this where Kate sat the night before the wedding’ and ‘kate walked through this door…she may have used this toilet!’. Sad I know, but I couldn’t help myself.

The unusual art work on the walls stood out for me too. The frames within frames within frames dotted the walls of the bar area with different shaped and styled frames, all positioned uniquely.

I would gladly go back any day and time. Maybe I will next time I’m around the area, just pop in for one cosmopolitan!


About jessica Jenner

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