David Hockney’s ipad extraordinaire…

Earlier this year London’s Royal Academy museum was host to series of paintings by artist and photographer David Hockney. With no exaggeration this was my favourite exhibition I have ever been to. It displayed the classic Hockney broken up photographic images, and deep paintings of Yorkshire landscapes which make his work so iconic and recognisable. But over 2011, the artist looked to a different type of medium to work with to capture these natural views whilst embracing twenty-first century technology. The ipad.

Hockney uses the Apple ipad to create more masterpieces with the apple app called ‘Brushes’ which acts in the same way as paper, paints and brushes (but without the prep or clearing away). Sounds ideal! The gallery room walls were covered with small canvas in comparison to his larger scale work. However there were a handful of paintings which were made up of 40 plus smaller canvas’ to produce one large whole picture. At a first glance you would not question that these pieces were not produced from real paints and brushes, but as the eye comes closer the digital effect comes through.

As I walked around the exhibition, I was suddenly inspired to get out my own ipad, download the app and start ‘painting’. It was easy. The brushes and paint act as if I was working with real watercolours, pencils or pen. You do need some artist talent to begin with and understand blending, shape and tone as it isn’t an instant fix for those who can’t seem to find their artist inner self. But as I have been a lover of painting and art the process came naturally and I started to draw in a crowd who were fascinated to see ‘how it was done’. Apple should have paid me as by the end of my time at the exhibition I sound like a spokeswoman for ipads and the painting app!

But once I had left the exhibition I couldn’t stop ipad painting. It shouldn’t be a replacement of hands on painting with real paint and paper but it is just another way of doing it. I’ve always found the process of setting up paints and cleaning it all up afterwards such an effort and this app is a solution for those who feel the same as me.

I have added a few of my own interpretations of Hockney’s work and my own using the app ‘paper’ on the apple ipad. Hope you enjoy and also feel inspired!


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2 Responses to David Hockney’s ipad extraordinaire…

  1. Andrew Jenner says:

    The Lilies are fab can I get a print? Andrew x

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