Behind the scenes for Blown Magazine styling The Irrepressibles.

Blown magazine is pretty new but is a great magazine and is currently producing their London Fashion week special issue, sold in WHSmiths, Waterstones etc and all across the country and Europe. Really pleased that it is getting noticed, check this out for more: Blown. Anyways I was commissioned to style a shoot with the band The Irrepressibles which is an 8 member orchestral ensemble but producing modern and very powerful music. I have styled the band for a performance in Hoxton earlier this year but it was nice to get up close and personal with the band and dress them in some pretty cool stuff. However, styling EIGHT people is a pretty big project and with a days notice it was tough. A massive thank you is needed for Rokit, Beyond Retro and Bloody Gray PR for providing the clothes.

The inspiration for the styling for this shoot was 80s boybands such as The Smiths, current bands like The XX with lots of weathered and raw edged denim and white shirts, clean cut pieces and with hints of nudity to go with the title of their new album, ‘Nude’.

But due to the magazine not being released yet I can’t show the full outfits but here are a few sneaky pics….


Oh and I must mention the photographer, Derek Santini who for those who don’t know is an amazing and well respected fashion photographer who shoots for I-D, Pankhurst London and Skunk Anansie.

Was a really good shoot and I can’t wait to see my work published in the big stores!!!


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