London Fashion Week: Day 1 (Life at Somerset House)

What a lovely day yesterday was. It was the first day of London Fashion Week for Spring/Summer ’13 and I was able to see three fantastic catwalk shows and tons of great street style looks, maybe too many actually!


The bloggers and photographers in Somerset House courtyard has increased in hundreds since last season and it was pretty hard to walk through to get to the shows! Its always good to see what everyone is wearing but it seems like a lot of young (and over dressed) bloggers are using this space to just walk up and down the courtyard all day long just so they get snapped by a fellow blogger who posts their picture on their website. I over heard one guy explaining to an on-looker that this process ‘is business’ but what’s special and creative about that? I believe it is better to capture people with true, everyday style which is inspirational to the fashion industry. The point of fashion week is to celebrate creativity and spot people (and collections) with uniqueness, innovation and looks which make us drool. Maybe we should all stick to that? Here is my small collection of people with style which personally inspired me….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Reviews on Maria Grachvogel, Bora Aksu and Felder Felder shows to come.


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