London Fashion Week – Maria Grachvogel show

So before I start a small series of catwalk reviews from this season’s London Fashion Week, I must warn you that taking pictures at a catwalk show is very VERY hard. The lights are extremely bright, models are walking too fast to capture and theres always someone with a ridiculously huge hat in front of you, bobbing about with their own cameras waving in the air. But here are the final results of Maria Grachvogel’s show!

Maria Grachvogel revealed a peaceful, romantic collection with clean silhouettes and cosmic prints. The design wasn’t mind-blowing exciting and new but it was pleasing and very beautiful. The first half of the collection showed crisp, white tailored dresses and menswear trousers whilst the second half brought some muted colour and print. The ‘futuristic’ print was reminiscent of Aminaka Wilmont’s SS12 collection but draped in a more relaxed way.

My personal favourite pieces from the collection were the sheer violet dresses. The detail came from the dark seams running along the arms and back whilst the silky fabric rippled as the model moved.
I adored the wispy hair dos! Craig Lawrence did a similar style in his Fashion in Motion collection in July, see here. It was just the right amount of detail to go with a subtle collection.
Overall it was a beautiful, luxurious collection celebrating simplicity, natural colours and movement through the fabric and hair and print.


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