Tom Ford has unveiled private collection online

Tom Ford is famously known for keeping his collections top secret. We only get the glimpse of the pieces when they have finally made it to store months after the catwalk show. Even top publications can only look at lookbooks and they are each uniquely watermarked for security if one magazine publishes images. Clever!

Although this may sound strange and confusing to some, for Ford it really works. People are waiting in anticipation for the images to be released at a time when no one else is debuting a collection. The secrecy also makes it that more exciting when the pieces are finally revealed. Also THOSE high street stores don’t have three or four months to analyse the collection before releasing cheaper, almost exact copies, before the designer collection comes out in stores.

But maybe Ford has been a little nervous about this trick this year as he has teased us with a small selection of images from the collection online. This collection was shown on Sunday during London Fashion Week, off schedule, for a select few to witness. Clearly he has taken a direct reference from the 60s for the beehive up-do and turtle-neck jumpers but also the 90s and possibly the early 00s for the rest of the design.

Gold fish net pencil dresses with strapless dress underneath, styled with thigh high gold boots scream the 90s to me! And the glossy leather jacket with oversized upright collar is reminiscent of early 00s pop culture. From the sneak peak we’ve been allowed to see, there is a mix of luxury and sportswear in a fun, upbeat style. I can’t wait to see the rest.


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