Terry Fox bridal shoot. Behind the Scenes.

A week ago I was styling a shoot for bridal designer, Terry Fox. After seeing the incredible dresses I was so excited to be part of the team to produce a promotional-advertising-editorial-style-campaign! For some reason we coincidentally chose the coldest and windiest day of the year and shot on the beach of course! We were against all of nature’s elements including hail, clear blue skies, gale force winds and we even saw a double rainbow!

The team set up in a lovely and cosy roofless shed (all health and safety went out the window here!) but the blue sky shone through and the flat grounds around us made a fantastic view.

These are a few sneak peeks from my famous blackberry phone…

And here are some better ones from the photographer’s camera…

The Team

Creative Director: Yossi Fisher

Photographer: Adam Alex

Stylist: Jessica Jenner

Hair & Makeup: Mila Victoria

Model: Victoria from Gingersnap models

Styling Assistant: Lauren Dickinson

Final edits will be posted soon.

Sorry I just couldn’t help myself….


About jessica Jenner

Fashion Stylist, Journalist and Reporter www.jessicajennerstyling.com jessicajennerstylist@gmail.com
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