The Rain Room at The Barbican

Today I went to The Barbican to experience a rain shower installation which the visitors control. One may find this a little dull..and possibly think you can just go outside to experience the rain (especially this week!) however this is different. You have to put your trust into the shower because when you walk through the rain stops falling yet the shower encapsulates your body without getting wet. Kinda like Rihanna on the X Factor before the end bit where she became pretty soggy and left dripping in the corner!

What I loved most about this installation was the fact that we make the piece. Without the people the installation wouldn’t work and instead the rain would just fall straight, rather than the sensored patterns.

The sound of the rain created huge impact as well. We almost take the sound for granted, for instance when have you ever just heard the rain? When have you just listened to it without the radio in the background or a car driving through puddles? Although there felt a little pressure to get in and out of the room fairly quickly due to the queue of people hovering to get in, it was a great feeling to experience this powerful weather element and its natural noises.

The lights which shone through the rain in this dark room made the droplets twinkle ‘like diamonds in the sky’. I think these lights make the room so much more intense, and with jokes aside, Rihanna’s performance on the X Factor came to life with the usage of bright lights to illuminate the rain.

I would definitely recommend people checking out this installation. We went on a Tuesday, mid-day and the queue was about 40mins long so ignore the 2hour long warnings on their website…its really not that bad. Its definitely worth the wait! Plus its free. The exhibition space is open until 3 March 2013 at The Barbican in The Curve.


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