Bring on the boys….YMC

The last three days has been a feast of London menswear talent…London Collections: Men. Sadly, I was only available to attend one of these days however what a great day it was.

Most of my shows were at the Topman location….The Old Sorting Office near Holborn. I absolutely loved this location! Since attending the MAN show in June which had also showcased there, they have transformed it from a huge, empty space to a buzzing, contemporary background for the shows to be displayed in.  Loved what they’d done to the place.

First stop….YMC


In a nut-shell…there were boiler suits, berets, sunglasses with tiny frames and fisherman jackets.

However later after reading the press release these key pieces were representations of revolution, freedom and rebellion. I love this as inspiration and it is very powerful in it’s delivery.

Screen shot 2013-08-14 at 18.41.26

With this came statement outerwear coming from the post-punk era including checkerboard prints and lots of wax wool and leather. This 90s relation to the collection originated from a nostalgia for the brand’s birth that decade. This personal touch is quite warming in comparison to the title of the collection…’Dead Inside’ which is ‘a response to modern culture’. If YMC want to stay in the 90s to avoid crossing with modern culture then thats fine by me!

Note: (Literally take ‘note’ of the tangerine shoes and bag above. Not only do I love this colour in menswear, every other designer is doing it so boys expect this on your shopping list at the end of the year!)

YMC finale

I really fell for this collection. I was in doubt that maybe I was just drawn into it due to my obsession with brand and the excitement of being back at Fashion Week shows but looking back now I really do adore it. Was a great start to my day.


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  1. S says:

    Sounds amazing!

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