‘It’ by Alexa Chung

British TV presenter and all round ‘it’ girl Alexa Chung has been very busy this year with her new job as music host of America’s Fuse News, and pretty much living it large in New York. But she’s still had time to write a how to-guide on how to be as cool and stylish as the girl herself. 


Appropriately titled ‘IT’, Alexa’s book lets us into her life on how to be the ultimate ‘it’ girl, what inspires her and tips on how to get her iconic cat flick eyeliner just right.  

We get to know Alexa’s charming self through awkward anecdotes of fashion week front row stresses and advice for those who are lucky to be in similar situations. To sum up; always bring along a camera device, keep your legs crossed at all times, don’t be too terrified if you’re sat next to Anna Wintour (apparently she’s quite nice) and if rain has ruined your outfit keep smiling through the chaos. 

But its not all about frow politics and ‘it’ girl etiquette with Alexa. She also shares personal thoughts of dealing with heartbreak (should we presume with Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner?). It sounds like it was a hard ride for the British star to overcome her sadness which led her to Googling ‘how long does heartbreak last?’. Unfortunately she didn’t share with us what Google’s answer was however she does provide us with some good old motherly advice.

“ ‘The best way to get over one man is to get under another.’ I don’t think she intended for me to go on a massive bone rampage but I certainly upheld my end of that bargain several times, so for that gem of information, mother, I thank you from the bottom of my broken heart.” 

“ ‘Nobody goes through life without having their heart broken and one day you’ll wake up and it will be okay.’ ”


And for Alexa, it seems everything is more than okay. She continues to be hugely significant to British style, even after eight years in the spotlight and now we can all have a little taster of what life is like to be just like her. 



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