Oh Dear Silvia

I was massively hopeful for this book because I love Dawn French. Although I found parts of the book warming, the majority I felt was pretty bland and obvious. 

The story is about a woman called Silvia and she is in a coma yet no one knows why. Each chapter is written from the perspective of the people in the hospital room with Silvia, from the nurses to her family. Throughout the book we can start to piece together her story which works really nicely as a layout although it takes a while to get there. However I found that the final story of Silvia’s life wasn’t hugely interesting or believable. 

By the end of the book a few events of Silvia’s life had been explained through dragged out chapters but none of them had a lot of oomf! I really just wanted to finish the book to find out whether Silvia gets out of the coma or not. This I won’t reveal as a few of my family and friends have read the book and liked it quite a lot. 

There were parts of the book that I did like, such as the ending and the format, so I wouldn’t slate it completely but it wouldn’t be a personal top recommendation. Dawn, I love you but maybe only on the TV. 


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